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The idea of Budzoni came around late 2017. It focused on creating a business that brings back the way of natural healing and using Herbs to benefit and support us.


Cannabis was stereotyped as a bad substance, but since scientists have been looking more into it, they came up with more and more benefits. The Hemp plant focuses on the opposite thing then the actual cannabis plant, the part that gets you high.


Hemp and CBD are non-psycho-active meaning they do not get you high, you just receive the supporting benefits while staying completely sober. Hemp focuses on your body, and your well being. In many ways it supports relaxation, calming and gives you a soothing feeling.


Budzoni focuses on finding the best Hemp derived Products for you!


Budzoni Owner Michael S. always wanted to own an online business and give consumers a new way of online shopping. With his interests in cannabis, he wants to get the full potential out the plant and bring a benefit to the health community. focusing on well being for everyone and help provide a better lifestyle. Like a cup of coffee in the morning, with a little CBD you can get started in different ways. 


So, here at Budzoni, we want to hear your feedback and create the best Budzoni Online Shopping experience. Incorporating your wishes on product, adding more features. Complaints? no problem!

Contact us at contact@budzoni.com.

Different varieties of flavor and different ways of consuming. Happily finding solutions for your service.

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