CBD Isolate 96%-99% CBD 1g


  • 96%-99% CBD
  • Pure CBD Powder
  • Made out Industrial Hemp


CBD Isolate has no taste or smell to it, and you can mix it almost with anything. This product contains no THC or other plant material, because it is purified and refined. It is non-pyscho active and able to be used on a daily basis. There are numerous ways to use CBD.


Isolate can be added to a variety of things to best suit your lifestyle. This product is great for people who want to create their own CBD supplement and can also be added to strengthen other CBD products.


This product is made out of industrial Hemp!


1g of Isolate contains between 960-1000mg of pure cannabidiol. It can be split into any serving size and gives you a perfect control on how much CBD you are actually taking.

CBD Isolate >99%CBD 1g | Hemp powder | Made out Industrial Hemp

  • Ingredients


  • Suggested use

    can be applied under the tongue, used to make infused CBD supplements.

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