Hemp Classic 6x 1oz (1500mg)


  • balancing
  • earthy taste
  • Full Spectrum
  • high potency


The Hemp Classic 6x is one of the higher strength hemp oils. It is recommendend for those who would like to take larger amounts of CBD daily. The full spectrum oil blended in can contain a variety of cannabinolds like of  CBD, CBDa, CBD, CBG, CBC, and more.


This liquid supplement in which you drop under the tongue, is an oil thats outstandingly healthy. Since CBD is a thick content, Hemp Seed Oil is blended in it more of a thin liquid texture. 


By having a mix of both, you get the benefit from CBD and Hemp in one product. That is why the 6x is in the name. By adding hemp seed oil you are able to getting of vitmains and minerals. Also, it has a perfect ratio of essentail fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6) that are very important for our health.


The tincture contains gamma linolenic acid, a substance found in other oils, like primrose oil, that through ancedotal evidence suggested benefical towards skin issues, inflammation, high blood pressure, and diabetes.


Serving size

  • 25mg/ 15 drops

Hemp Classic 6x 1oz (1500mg) | Full Spectrum

  • Ingredients

    Proprietary blend of Hemp extract and virgin hemp seed oil

  • Suggested use

    Put couple drops under your tongue, hold it for 30 second and swallow.

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  • Lab results

  • Tincture info

    Hemp and CBD Tinctures come in a liquid form and are a dietary supplement. It can have a high amount of cannabidiol and Hemp contents. They can be used any time of the day. Whether you are a professional, student, athlete, seniors, etc.; it helps support your body in many ways. Hemp and CBD Tinctures can help create a sense of calm for focus*, in many situations' daily life encounters. It can help you maintain the management of normal, everyday stress factors.* Its flavors can be really unique because of the earthy taste, which is from the hemp extract. There can be flavored (fruit flavor, etc.) and unflavored options that you can pick from.

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